Salsa dancing lesson in Havana, Cuba

While in Havana, Cuba I knew I had to do a salsa dancing lesson, but with a baby, in tow, I wasn’t sure the best way to do this. Most all the classes I found were group lessons and they lasted a couple of hours or longer. That wasn’t going to work for us and our busy babe.

Eventually, I found and booked with Baila Habana. It was an individual lesson so I could dance as Steve stayed with the baby, and the timing was flexible. They were great and it was perfect! The instructor met us at a nearby popular attraction and walked us to their studio. The lesson was held on a covered rooftop. It was a beautiful day and we had some nice colorful Havana views. Steve and Elden sat at a table to watch and play while I did the lesson.

Check out the video below for a clip from the lesson. Elden tried to steal the camera a couple of times, so please don’t mind a few baby squawks and camera shakes!

Salsa dancing lesson with Baila Habana in Havana, Cuba


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