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first-time parents? New Baby?

Preparing to travel with a baby

Maybe you’re eagerly awaiting your baby’s first flight. Or perhaps it’s dread or anxiety you’re feeling. Either way, we’re here to help!

Best Tips And Favorite Toys For Entertaining Babies And Toddlers On A Plane

After over 100 flights with our two babies, we’ve figured out our favorite go-to toys with guaranteed distraction success and the best ways to keep them entertained on any flight length. Read on for our best tips and favorite toys for entertaining babies and toddlers on a plane.

Meet Jessica

Pushed out of her comfort zone in college through a trip to South Africa and a summer in Shanghai, China, Jessica was captivated by the world. She loved to explore new places and appreciated how it challenged her to think and be a better citizen.

After her first baby, Jessica, founded Familee Travel to encourage other travel-obsessed parents not to let go of their travel dreams.

Today, Jessica shares her experiences and expertise to guide new parents through traveling with their baby, toddler, and young kids.

Mixed woman with long straight dark brown hair looking straight on the camera smiling wearing a white sweater with a trees a park blurred in the background

Bringing a baby to Machu Picchu

Yes, we really did it. We brought a baby and a toddler to Machu Picchu. Was it easy? No. Was it incredible? Yes! Click the button below to read how we did it.

Looking for unique destinations? is that really baby-friendly?

Exploring further with kids

Not sure where to bring your baby on their first trip? Or are you trying to figure out whether that bucket list destination is really family friendly?

We’ve circled the globe, from quick trips to long hauls, city breaks to desert escapes, and everything in between with our 3 kids.

Check out where we’ve been with our babies and tips for parents to consider. Discover our family friendly travel destinations and be inspired to travel further with your kids.