Ziplining in Costa Rica

We had to escape an extremely cold and snowy NYC winter and bask in the beautiful Costa Rican sun. We stayed on the coast in the Papagayo area for this trip. It was a free trip because we were able to use Steve’s accumulated points/miles from business travel for both of our flights, and the hotel (which included food). It was beautiful and peaceful, but we know we have to go back to Costa Rica another time and see more of the country.

We intended to relax the whole time, but that never really works out for us. Within a day or two, we were hiking and searching for more adventures. We signed up to go ziplining and to spend another day in Nicaragua. 

For zipline, we went with The Congo Trail Canopy Tour. Check out the video below for some zipline action. We’re both adventure adrenaline junkies, so we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Our return flight home was canceled due to a snowstorm so we had to stay a day longer, such a shame!

Ziplining in Costa Rica with the Congo Trail Canopy Tour 

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  1. Yes! Costa Rica is a place my husband wants to go and surf at, and now seeing this, I want to go Ziplining. How fun, and great video! Looking forward to following on your Instagram! 🙂

    Our Instagram is @lovetolatitude

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