Surprisingly baby-friendly travel destinations

What’s the first travel destination you think of when you think baby-friendly? I could be wrong, but I’m going to guess Sri Lanka, Georgia and French Polynesia are not what first comes to mind.

Before bringing our first baby abroad, I scoured the internet for the most baby-friendly travel destinations. But I wasn’t satisfied with what I found. As frequent travelers with experiences all over the world, I didn’t want to accept the suggestions I found. They felt too safe for my adventure-seeking traveler self. Safe isn’t bad, especially when it comes to your baby. Still, I felt these “safe” destinations couldn’t truly be the only options.

After now visiting several different countries with our babies. And virtually following other travel-loving families exploring every part of the world with their babies, we’ve come to realize there are so many great destinations out there that are baby-friendly. There are tons of places you can bring your baby that might surprise you. These places are not what first comes to mind when you think of baby-friendliness. Perhaps some spots even have a stigma of being not baby-friendly, but we hope to challenge you to think otherwise.

We’re keen to push the envelope on what can be considered family-friendly and baby-friendly. Really, what does baby-friendly mean? We believe many more destinations can be considered baby-friendly than what people expect. 

Don’t only listen to us though! We’ve chatted with several other families who travel to show you more baby-friendly travel destinations. Take it from the people who have already been with their babies. Consider the following spots for your next trip with your baby.

20 surprisingly baby-friendly travel destinations

1. Cuba

  • With @myadventuregang
  • Cuba might not be the first place you think of to travel with your baby but it was our first international trip as a family of four when our 2nd was just 6 months old. Because there are so few tourists with very young children, we were treated like royalty: pulled to the front of every line, offered extra help, regularly had waitresses offer to hold our baby while we ate and we were greeted with gasps and smiles when people noticed our smallest traveler. You won’t need any extra vaccines if you’re traveling from the US but it is very difficult to get baby supplies like diapers and wipes so come stocked for your entire trip. Cuba is so full of life, you and your will baby will fall in love with the vibrant streets and welcoming people.

2. Cyprus

  • With @Magicaltravelmama
  • The people are what made this country amazing! They love families and children. We never felt awkward bringing our kids to sites such as the ruins of Paphos. We took a food tour and the guide was so accommodating. The food was SO great! They also have indoor soft play centers where child minders actually watch your kids for you! It’s a fairly inexpensive country and seemed to be good for mixed race families. We have not experienced this in all European countries. So to sum it up- Cyprus is a GREAT place for families!

3. Dominican Republic

  • With @7wayfinders
  • We aren’t ones for typical resorts, but we make an exception for Club Med! They have a Baby Club that amazes anyone. Cribs, baby food, baby gears, strollers, etc are included in your stay! I love that they break out age groups for the kids clubs since we have so many and such a variety of ages. The baby nannies are amazing and I promise you’ll want to take them home with you! Club Med has various locations around the world and makes your vacation with a baby so much easier.

4. Fiji

  • With @lostbells
  • The Fijian people LOVE babies. They were wonderful with all three of our kids, but especially our baby! On a river rafting tour our guide insisted on carrying our baby as we hiked, same on a waterfall hike, and restaurant staff held her at two different restaurants while we ate.

5. French Polynesia

  • With @TheFUNemployedFamily 
  • Most people think of Bora Bora as a couples-only honeymoon spot, but it’s so much more than that! We took our daughter, Liesel, when she was 2 years old and talk about an epic spot for building sand castles! Liesel learned to hold her breath while in Bora Bora and began snorkeling with us. She became obsessed with chasing all the fish. We even took her on a shark and stingray snorkeling trip and she was brave enough to get in and swim around with the sharks! If you ever have a chance to visit a place that has a stigma for honeymooners, don’t write it off immediately. You may get a few funny looks but it will be worth it for the epic family memories you’ll make!

6. Georgia

  • With @abroadwife
  • Tbilisi is a great place to visit with a baby because Georgians LOVE children! You will be welcomed everywhere with your babies and toddlers. It is not uncommon for wait staff to offer to hold your baby or take your toddler for a little walk around the restaurant while you eat. Georgians are also very accommodating and will be happy to get you milk, cooked vegetables, yogurt, bread, or anything else you might need to feed your baby. You can easily find large grocery stores on the bottom floor of the shopping malls where you can buy diapers (including Pampers), baby food, and baby items should you need them. Prices are very inexpensive, so no need to worry about packing a ton of diapers in your suitcase. In addition, many of the things to do/see are outside versus inside museums etc. It’s no big deal if your baby cries!

7. Greece

  • With @mommymoadventures
  • Greece is a fantastic place to travel with babies, from the mainland to the many greek islands. As a family, we’ve traveled to Greece many times, starting when Mia was just 8 months old. The islands are known for their stunning beaches, but they also boast many inlet lakes that are fantastic for babies. Accommodations are great, and many resorts have playlands and baby activities. Greece also has lots of baby-friendly attractions, such as aquariums, zoos, and parks. And don’t forget the yummy Greek food – all the restaurants in Greece are quite baby-friendly.
    • TIP: You should plan on doing a lot of walking, so make sure to bring a baby carrier and stroller. And if you love to get out and see off-the-beat locations as we do, renting a car is quite inexpensive. But bring a car seat, because not all rentals are equipped with them.
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8. Italy

  • With @fiftyfourcountrieslater
  • Italians are crazy for babies! I remember asking our Airbnb host where people typically change their babies as change tables are rare. His answer was, ‘anywhere. Babies are pure, a gift from God.’ They are a warm and welcoming culture, with family friendly food anywhere you go (free samples always offered to the boys of bread, gelato, candy etc.) and a willingness to help (be prepared for everyone to want to hold your baby and give them kisses!). In fact, the pope even blessed both our boys!
    • TIP: Opt for baby wearing where possible in the cities (think, crowds and cobblestone) and know that baby item rental companies are available in most cities to help with travelling light!
    • Check out Fifty Four Countries Later Blog

9. Japan

  • With @famileetravel
  • Japan is a perfect place to travel with a baby. It’s one of the cleanest and safest countries, which may put you at ease when bringing your baby abroad. People were so excited to see our baby (7 months old) and we couldn’t go anywhere without experiencing some happy interaction with locals. Some people went above and beyond to help us and accommodate us, which has to do with omotenashi culture. We had some of the best food ever in Japan, and they would always offer us baby plates and utensils. One of the reasons we chose Japan was so we didn’t have to bring a car seat. The rail system is extensive and convenient to use, and we were able to visit so many different places all via train.

10. Malta

  • With @hurleysgo
  • We stayed at the Seashells Resort in St Paul’s. Northwest part of the island. It was absolutely stunning and catered to families very well. They provided a sitter so we could go out at night as a couple for dinner and a kids club with fun activities. They also have a kids area pool across the street with water slides and kiddy pools alongside of the adult pool. The best part was that they had an underground tunnel that took you under the street to the pool so you didn’t have to cross with kids lagging behind! The resort also provided transportation to places like Popeyes Village (complete set where the movie was shot). Totally recommend this for a day trip! Kid water park, a nice bay to sit in a cabana whilst the kids play in the sea, and live Popeye shows on the hour! Also Mellieha Bay was fantastic. They had a kid playground on the beach and a waiter that brought you food and drinks. You had to rent chairs and an umbrella for cheap though. We also took a boat cruise (Via Hornblower) to the blue lagoon and it was so fun. They docked the boat in the Mediterranean and it had a slide off the boat, music, and provided pack and plays for children. Totally worth it. Malta is an unknown gem full of ancient history, a walled city, and amazing people. It is by far the most family-friendly place we have ever been.

11. Mexico

  • With @twolittlestolove
  • The service on Punta Mita is impeccable and they cater to your every need. And with a family, you have lots! Cribs, diaper genies, baby towels, baby toiletries, toys, stools, bed rails, anything you need for a baby is available. The kid pool is massive with a huge Cabo shelf and the splash pad is great! The staff is super accommodating when dining making sure the kids are occupied as well. Kids 5 and under eat free! Kids are known by first name so they feel extremely welcomed. The kids center is great to escape the sun and play! 4 and under must be chaperoned, but 5+ can be dropped off for a fee. The kids center staff is extremely friendly and engaging. Allergies are taken in very high consideration and the chef will personally make whatever is needed/altered. (Cam has severe allergies and carry epi) so dietary needs are huge for us!
  • It’s a great place to get away as a couple but also as a family because it is very exclusive, it’s never crowded and usually never too many families at once!

12. New Zealand

  • With @carseatsandcarryons
  • NZ is an amazing country full of travel lovers and a wonderful society so they just make everything so easy! Most places (Restaurants, attractions, etc) were child friendly/family friendly unlike some  places in Europe. Most sightseeing is done by car and it’s a small country so that actually made traveling easier with all our necessities in our car that we could keep for a long time except when going to the South Island. People were so friendly and accommodating to parents. Men’s bathrooms in a lot of places had changing tables!! Even in peak travel season places didn’t feel terribly busy or crowded.
    • It’s a spectacular country with many attractions for children. It’s perfect to travel to with kids of all ages. We can’t wait to go back with our children in a few years. 
    • Check out Carseats and Carryons Blog about New Zeland
  • With @affairwithworld
  • New Zealand is very popular for adventure sports and tramping, but it is also an extremely baby-friendly destination. From diaper changing station in clean public toilets to baby chairs in the restaurants to baby-friendly accessories to do activities like cycling and camping to great baby food options for parents on the go, its one of the best destinations to go as new parents. The country is very safe to go on a road trip with a baby on a camper van, embrace freedom camping without a concern, go hiking into the forests, and get immersed in its nature. The night sky is stupendous, especially in the South Island, for stargazing for kids and the parents. There are no predators in NZ, but there is interesting wildlife like penguins, seals, kiwis, etc. There is no shortage of activities, big or small to do with babies or kids.
  • New Zealand is a country where going slow is very rewarding. Summer is the most popular and most expensive while Spring and Autumn are relatively cheaper and wonderful to visit with less crowd and less planning. South Island has several great skiing resorts and areas, making it a great choice for winter lovers.

13. Norway

  • With @affairwithworld
  • Living and traveling in Norway, I can confidently say that Norway is one of the most baby-friendly destinations we have been to. Norwegian culture focusses on spending time outdoors, especially with families. Babies start to spend time outdoors within a few days of their birth, no matter the weather. The locals love to interact with babies and children, making it welcoming for kids across all ages. The infrastructure is built to enable even the littles to venture out. The public transportation is good and connected in major cities and has dedicated stroller spaces. Taxis can be booked with car seats. Overnight trains have family cabins and play areas. Public breastfeeding is very common in cafes, restaurants, and public spaces. The tourist companies like ‘Norway in a nutshell’ offer itineraries with seamless logistics. Renting a car with a baby seat is easier and even better to enjoy the stunning landscapes at your own pace. Hotels to cabins to camping grounds are equipped to handle their youngest guests. Baby food, diapers, and baby accessories are widely available and really cheap compared to most parts of the world. I would however recommend bringing layers and weatherproof outdoor clothing to handle the changing weather. With the right clothes, one can enjoy Norway to the fullest, with the entire family.
    • TIP: Highly recommend bringing a baby carrier. Visit Norway is a wealth of information and a great resource to start planning the trip. 
    • Check out Affair with World Blog & Facebook

14. Peru

  • With @famileetravel
  • Machu Picchu is unlikely on anyone’s baby-friendly list, but we found Peru to be one of the most baby-friendly countries we’ve been to. Peruvian culture is very family-centric. You see kids all over and there are separate lines for families. Not everywhere is stroller accessible, but babywearing is popular among locals so follow their lead. Depending on where you go, you’ll come across lots of plazas, pedestrian-only streets, wide sidewalks, parks, and playgrounds. Our baby was 6 months old when we went, and our toddler 2.5 years old. We took it slow and chose our route strategically so we could all acclimate to the higher elevation. Everyone stayed healthy and we had a great time. Make sure to bring layers because the temperature can change drastically in all seasons. A lot of people were surprised we brought our baby and toddler to Machu Picchu, and it was a long day, but it wasn’t as difficult as I had anticipated.

15. Poland

  • With @BestTraveledBabe
  • A simple to navigate public transit system, plenty of parks—many with playgrounds, lots of great restaurant choices that are welcoming to families. There are even cafes where you can pay a small fee for your child to play on their indoor playground while you relax with a coffee and pastry. Warsaw was a welcome surprise. And all the Polish grannies loved my baby…although they would reprimand me for not keeping a hat on her (even if it was 80 degrees out!). For the public transit system, keep an eye out for trains that don’t have stairs, and go to the middle of each car…those are the wheelchair and stroller accessible ones.  They’re clearly marked.
    • Check out Best Traveled Babe Blog

16. South Africa

  • With @lifewith2cubs
  • Cape Town is paradise no matter what age. We visited when our daughters were 6 months old and 2 years old. There is so much to do there for this age group. The outdoor playgrounds, the food, the culture, the picturesque location, the world-famous aquarium were some of the highlights of our trip. Plus, you can never go wrong with all the wildlife you get to see there – with open jeep safaris, whale watching to ostrich farms – you literally see it ALL. Boulders Beach with those cute penguins was definitely a hit with our girls and we spend hours by the beach admiring these beautiful creatures. The V & A waterfront was another winner because of the live music, a train that took us around the waterfront, and the animal sculptures around the waterfront area. Cape Town is literally the most kid-friendly destination we have ever been to!

17. South Korea

  • With @kiwisinbarefeet
  • We have been pleasantly surprised by our home in Busan. South Korea caters to children extremely well! The kid’s cafes here are on another level. You can relax and enjoy food and drinks while your little babes play. Our regulars in Busan are Kid’s President (across from Emart), Chouchoubonbon (near Marine City), Tayo Kids Cafe, Lilliput, Jumping On, and the kid’s playroom in the Science Museum (located in Gijang). If you have older children, Kidzania is always a hit and is located in the largest department store, Shinsaegae. There are also many outdoor playgrounds around the city. Most of the larger apartment blocks will have a playground and we use these often with no problem. Lilah calls all of the temples tree houses so she loves to play there. The beaches are very child-friendly and easy to swim in with small waves. They close the beach to swimmers in September (officially) which seems very early considering how warm it still is. People still swim but you may be told to get out of the water, something to be prepared for. We have been able to find everything that we need for our babes in Korea. Lilah is 4 and Hudson is 8 months old. Costco and Emart are our regular one-stop shops.
    • Check out Kiwis in Barefeet Blog

18. Sri Lanka

  • With @letsgobeartravels
  • Family travel in Sri Lanka is never boring as this island country offers such diversity from ancient ruins to mountain hiking to beaches and safari rides at the national park. During our trip, we visited 7 towns! Colombo, Sigiriya, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Ella, Udawalawe, and Unawatuna. And the great thing is, these towns are only within a few hours drive of each other. Getting around is easy as a private van with driver is relatively affordable. The weather is very different from the tropical climate in the Southern beach towns to pleasant and cool weather in the highlands. January is generally the best time to visit. Sri Lankans are very friendly, generally, speak good English and adore children.
    • Check out Lets Go Bear Travels Blog

19. Thailand

  • With @candygreene
  • The Thais seemingly love children! At the time, our 2yo was never for want of any kind of fruit as once any restaurant discovered she loved bananas, she was fully stocked during our entire meal, her love of mango began in Thailand, and she was even included in our Thai cooking class. We brought a baby carrier and we were able to easily see all the cultural landmarks on our list. Our lodging had a pool where we could relax – we were especially grateful for this after a day of visiting elephants at the Elephant Nature Park. As for accommodation, we loved our stay at Joy’s Guesthouse so much, we extended our time there! As for getting your suitcase ready, we were sure to bring plenty of sunscreen and mosquito patches for the trip.

  • With @Latinamomtravels
  • Thailand’s local culture, welcoming people, and beautiful landscapes make it a great destination for families and babies. Getting around is easy either by foot, tuk tuk, taxi, or metro in Bangkok. Lots of local Thai culture is based around visiting temples and markets. All of these places are accessible for babies. I would recommend taking a baby carrier to be able to get into all of the corners of the markets. Thai people are very fond of babies and children. They particularly receive special treatment in hotels and restaurants. Babies are welcome just about everywhere. Your kids will surely receive lots of smiles and impromptu games of peekaboo. Lastly, it’s difficult to find a country with as many amazing sights as those in Thailand.  From mountains to rivers, to beaches, the Kingdom offers the most stunning views of nature anywhere in the world.

20. Turkey

  • With @born_explorers
  • We loved traveling to Turkey with a baby because the people there LOVE babies and children. Grown men would stop us in the street to coo over the baby, waiters at restaurants would hold him so we could eat, it was just so sweet!
    • Check out Born Explorers Blog

We hope we’ve given you some more ideas about where you can travel with your baby. Have you brought your baby to any of these places? How about somewhere different that others might not consider baby-friendly? We’d love to hear, add it in the comments below! And maybe you’ll consider one of these baby-friendly travel destinations for your next trip. Make sure to add them to your family travel bucket list!

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  1. A good list, our son is far out of the baby years. We traveled with him as a baby to Germany, Belgium, France, USA, Sweden, Denmark and Norway and loved all of those destinations.

    1. That’s great! We’ve been to some of these, but not all of them yet though they’re all on our list!

    1. It can be a bit intimidating, and not for everyone, but it really is doable for those who want to =)

  2. Amazing photos with your kids. I would think there are so many spots that have strong family values around the world. I love that you are exposing your kids to different cultures.

  3. We traveled when our son was 2 months old and I would say a lot before he was two. It was actually quite easy. We were surprised.

  4. Wow! That’s a lot of places! We traveled with my children a lot when they were little. I was in the Navy and they flew more by the time they were 5 than most people did in a lifetime.

  5. We traveled with our daughter for the first time when she was 3 months old. I was worried at first but it ended up being pretty easy with a bit of extra preparation.

  6. Lucky babies! My parents never took me out of the country. We just went to Disney World every year. It wasn’t until high school that I took an international trip.

    1. Aren’t they?? I went to Mexico a few times growing up, but otherwise didn’t really start traveling until college.

  7. Wow! I think some of these destinations would’ve pushed me out of my comfort zone when I had my first baby. Would love to go there now though since my kids are older.

    1. We were more cautious with our first in the beginning, but then realized we could do more. Hopefully, you can make it to some of these spots!

  8. Great list of places to travel with young children, babies are always fun to travel with even though it might be a little stressful it’s always fun!

    1. I agree! Even if there are some unique challenges, we think it’s pretty special to travel with young kids.

  9. Wow! To be honest, when I saw the title my first reaction was, “Ugh, traveling with a baby would be TORTURE.” But these pics make me think otherwise. Love the Bora Bora pics especially, with the sharks swimming around the little girl. Such an awesome shot!

    1. Hahaha! There are certainly challenging moments, but those happen at home as well. You have to have the right mindset, and preparation is key, but if you’re willing, we’ve had some really amazing experiences traveling with our babies.

  10. This is such an awesome list! I have a 10 month old and am always worried about travelling when they are so little. This gives me hope to do more travelling with him and future babies!

    1. Aw, yes, you can do it if you want to! We have lots of baby travel tips on the blog if you ever are interested.

  11. At first, I thought it was you that went to all these places, then I realized that there are different families involved. Great pics! I especially like the one of Leisel in Bora Bora–impressive! These are all places I want to go, but solo.

    1. We’ve been to lots of these places, but not all of them yet. I think they’re all worth adding to any travel bucket list though! Aren’t those the best?? She’s so cute!

    1. Thank you! I think they’re great destinations for any traveler, but it’s nice to know some places that are extra family-friendly.

  12. When my kids were little we pretty much stayed in the United states! This is a great list for the adventurous families for sure! Fiji would be my top pick out of all these!

  13. Great information! Would love to see more baby traveling tips! It sort of scares me as an outsider right now! Haha

  14. Such amazing destinations with or without little ones! Thanks for taking me on a journey!

  15. You are family goals!! What an amazing opportunity to travel and show your kids the world! I dream to be able to do this!! Each year they get older, I get sad wanting to show them everything and travel the world with them! You are amazing!

  16. Another trip(s) – so many to choose from – that I need to plan when life returns to normal and I retire! Sounds amazing!! Thanks for sharing your adventure!!

  17. Great round up of places to visit with kids! I’m glad to see people exposing their little ones to different places and cultures at an early age.

  18. Hi Jessica, I am preparing to do a tour of the western United States with my family of four (two adults and two daughters aged 11 and 4). It appears you’ve done some extensive travel in a camper van with your young family so I was hoping to get your opinion on whether it’s realistic for us to do a 2-3 week trip this way (sleeping and living in the van constantly). It seems like it would save us a lot of money as long as we don’t drive each other mad! We’re looking at a camper van like this one which has 2 beds. Am I crazy or would this work in your opinion?

    1. Hi Brian, unfortunately, we have yet to have this experience. We hope to one day but haven’t yet. In this post, I think you may have noticed Affair with the world family and they traveled in a similar small camper van with their two kids for a while around New Zealand. You could reach out ( for any advice, and I know some other families who have done it too. It’s certainly doable, I think, as long as everyone is prepared and has the right attitude about the adventure. Good luck!

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